Founding Chairman’s Message

Fai Yuen Lam

We are patriotic Overseas- stationed Chinese entrepreneurs who look forward to the amicable cooperation and growing friendship between Australia and China across economic and cultural industries.

As overseas’ Chinese community leaders, we hope to continue traditional Chinese virtues and hope that this will enhance both our country of residence and home land by strengthening bilateral exchange and development with the aim of pursuing  common prosperity and good will.

ACETCA has a broad vision of serving for the greater good by acting with a high degree of social responsibility in the spirit of self-improvement, solidarity, enthusiasm and support for public charities and fostering a caring society.

This association aims to promote trade and cultural exchanges between Australia and China and in doing so nurture the next generation of talents for public service and charitable endeavours.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all association members and wish that all of us continue to strive for the public good and the common good for the community.