Mission Statement

Promoting Sino-Australia   Trade Development

Promoting Sino-Australia Culture and Technology Cooperation

Promoting Sino-Australia Youth Exchange and Cooperation; nurturing youth elites

Promoting charity and social harmony


Features of ACETCA

The association is formed by entrepreneurs and professionals, who have passion about the country of their origin

Close relationship with government and relevant organisations in both Australia and China


Business Function of ACETCA

Organising Australian trade and culture groups to visit China

Inviting relevant trade and culture organisation to visit Australia

Presenting trade forums, exhibitions, cultural events and so forth

Providing consultation and support in accordance to the mission statement of the association

Providing support to association members to seek for cooperative relationship and opportunities for cultural exchange in China

Encouraging Australian Chinese to achieve magnificent results  to enhance the influence of Chinese in the Australia society

Providing support to major events in Sino-Australia trade and cultural exchange


Scope of Foreign Cooperation

Trade Cooperation

Sino-Australia Trade Exchange

Participating in Australia and Chinese government development projects


Cultural Exchange Activities between Australia and China

Visits and Exhibitions with strong cultural value