Chairman’s Message

Fai Yuen Lam

We are patriotic Overseas- stationed Chinese entrepreneurs who look forward to the amicable cooperation and growing friendship between Australia and China across economic and cultural industries.

As overseas’ Chinese community leaders, we hope to continue traditional Chinese virtues and hope that this will enhance both our country of residence and home land by strengthening bilateral exchange and development with the aim of pursuing  common prosperity and good will.

ACETCA has a broad vision of serving for the greater good by acting with a high degree of social responsibility in the spirit of self-improvement, solidarity, enthusiasm and support for public charities and fostering a caring society.

This association aims to promote trade and cultural exchanges between Australia and China and in doing so nurture the next generation of talents for public service and charitable endeavours.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all association members and wish that all of us continue to strive for the public good and the common good for the community.

Xue Shui He

It gives me great pleasure to be appointed as the Chairman of Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association. This means a great deal to me as the responsibility that I am about to take up is huge. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Lam Fai Yuen, all honorary chairmen and all other members of ACETCA for their faith in me. I will rely on the collective power delegated by ACETCA members to explore new concepts and notions to run the association so that we can continue being a bridge for Australia and China to facilitate culture and trade exchanges between the two countries. At the same time, we will keep on making concerted efforts in charity.


Three years ago, Mr. Lam gathered us together to establish ACETCA. He was aiming at the one and only goal, which is to achieve the prosperity for both China and Australia, create a platform for the youth to realize their dreams, make ACETCA a distinctive association. Since its establishment, Mr. Lam has devoted wholeheartedly to achieve this goal. He has set an excellent role model for all of us. Under his leadership, ACETCA has become one of the leading associations in Sydney Chinese community.


The fruitful achievement and the future development of ACETCA entirely rely on our unique concept of management. Through our collective efforts and leadership of Mr. Amen Lee OAM, ACETCA has successfully held various large scaled and influential events, which were highly recognized by our society. Based on the last three years’ experience, ACETCA has substantially developed and built up a good reputation amongst Australia and Chinese governments. I believe that this will enable us to work effectively in the future.


I am proud to be appointed as the new Chairman of ACETCA. At the same time, I realize that will have to bear great responsibilities from now on. However, I deeply believe that ACETCA will have a prosperous future with support from all of you. We will continue carrying out our missions and commitments to ensure ACETCA to develop on the right track to act as a platform to promote trade and culture exchange between the two countries.


I will continue to work with all ACETCA members and explore new ways to make a breakthrough based on current success. I sincerely hope that Mr. Lam Fai Yuen will carry on his great work in our association to supervise and give us advice on strategic development. In the future, we will establish new goals and implement new management practice with all support from ACETCA members led by Mr. Amen Lee OAM, Executive Chairman of ACETCA.


Our new target and mission will be secured through collective efforts of all members and support from all people in our society. Last but not the least, on behalf of the new board chairman, I would like to send our gratitude to New South Wales government, City of Sydney, Consulate of PR China in Sydney. I would also like to thank all ACETCA members for their contributions. I wish ACETCA a greater future.