Wang Fu Guan

It is my honor to be appointed as the Chairman of Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association. I would like to extend my gratitude to all honorary chairmen and all other members of ACETCA for their faith in me. This means a great deal to me as the responsibility that I am about to take up is huge.

Since the establishment of ACETCA, we are adhering to the purpose of it to explore new concepts and notions in order to run the association, and actively participate in activities so that we can be a bridge for Australia and China to facilitate cultural and trade exchanges. We will keep on making concerted efforts in charity and improve the friendship between the two countries.

The fruitful achievement of ACETCA entirely rely on the collective efforts and leadership of Mr. Lam Fai Yuen, founding Chairman and Life Honorary Chairman, the immediate past chairman Xue Shuihe, honorary chairmen, executive chairman, executive vice chairmen, vice chairmen and the Secretariat.

Nowadays ACETCA has substantially developed and built up a good reputation amongst Australian and Chinese governments. It has become one of the leading associations in Chinese community. ACETCA has successfully held various large scaled and influential events to achieve the prosperity for both Australia and China, which were highly recognized by our society.

The pattern of the world is changing significantly. Both Australia and China are accelerating the pace of the overall revitalization of their economic development. We will establish new goals and implement new management practice with all support from ACETCA members. We are looking forward to continue playing our role and acting as a platform to promote trade and cultural exchange. This will enable us work more effectively and make greater contributions in the future. I am proud to be appointed as the new Chairman of ACETCA.

I will work with all ACETCA members and do all the efforts to carry out our missions and commitments. We will continue ensuring ACETCA to develop on the right track and I believe ACETCA will have a prosperous future.

We will explore new ways to make a breakthrough based on our new target and mission. On behalf of the new board of chairmen, I would like to send our gratitude to Australian Federal Government, New South Wales government, City of Sydney, Consulate General of P.R. China in Sydney. I would also like to thank support from all associations and ACETCA members for their contributions.

Finally, I wish ACETCA a greater and brighter future.