On 25 June 2016, Dr. Amen Lee OAM, Executive Chairman of Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association, signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Mr. Guo Yukun, Executive Chairman of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce at the Star Event Centre. The Strategic Partnership between the associations has officially established.


Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce is the largest commercial chamber in Guangdong Province. It is formed by 233 business chambers and 68,000 businesses across 72 industries. In particular, there are 76 elite businesses, which invest more than 4 trillion RMB in total. The foreign investments of the businesses reach 30 billion each year. The chamber is very influential in economic and social development in Guangdong. Since the establishment of the Federation, it has been aiming to gather business elites and provide a bridge between business and the government for all members in the organization in accordance to the mission statements. It has received great support from Guangdong Provincial Government and Consulate General of other countries in Guangzhou. Recently, the Federation has received Nationwide Advanced Social Organization, Top 50 of National Commercial Chamber and Guangdong 5A Social Organisation awards. ACETCA is one of the most significant community associations in Australia. I am very proud of the achievements that the associations have accomplished through the years.



Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce and ACETCA have established solid friendship and thorough strategic cooperation. The strategic cooperation between the two associations will be able to make great contributions to the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement. Mr. Wang Fuguan is the Vice Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce, President of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce. Under his leadership, Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce is organizing a trading zone in Guangzhou. His company is now planning for a brand new project, i.e. Anhua Hui, in which he planned for a 20,000 square metre area to use to display excellent Australian products.


By combining the resources of the two associations, we will further enhance economic development and trade exchange in Australia and China.