The Third ACETCA Business VIP Chinese Training Session was held on 2nd May 2016. Consellor Wang Hongbo and Consul Chen Guisheng from the Economic and Commercial Section of the Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Sydney attended the training session and interacted with all the VIPs.
Through the introduction of simple Chinese phonetics and sentences, the training session brought the VIPs one step further to explore the rationale of Chinese thinking system and business cultures. The training session included a variety of interesting images and Chinese characters to attract the VIPs. All the attendees of the training session gave positive comments.

Counsellor Wang Hongbo introduced the unique oriental business culture to the VIPs through humorous examples and shared her experience in Australia with all of them. She hoped that the business elites were able to gain inspiration and assistance from the Chinese training session. Counsellor Wang’s great humor was praised by all of the attendees while the attendees would like to have a lesson from the Counsellor.
Ms. Josephine Lam, Honorary Advisor of ACETCA, Dr. Ven Tan, Dr. Yi White and Dr. John Zhang, Standing Deputy Chairmen of ACETCA also attended the training session.