On the afternoon of 18th February 2016, Australia China Economics Trade & Culture Association (ACETCA) donated scholarship to Western Sydeny University. Ms. Deborah Carr, Mr. Serhat Abdurazak, Directors, Office of Advancement & Alumni, Stella Wang and student representatives from Western Sydney University attended the donation ceremony. Dr. Ven Tan, Standing Deputy Chairman of ACETCA hosted the ceremony on behalf of the association.

Dr. Ven Tan firstly provided all a brief introduction of the association to the attendees and highlighted the cultural exchange and youth nurturing programs run by ACETCA. He said that it was one of the most important missions for ACETCA to enhance cultural exchange.
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Ms. Deborah Carr delivered a speech of thanks at the ceremony. She said that mutualism had always been a focal point at the development of Western Sydney University. The donation from ACETCA will be distributed to sponsor students to travel to China to experience the unique culture of China.

The student representatives shared their experience at the cultural exchange in Fujian.

Mr. David Lin, Standing Deputy Chairman and Ms. Lili Chen, Deputy Secretary-General of ACETCA, attended the ceremony.