Joseph Lam was born in Pingtan Fujian, moved to Hong Kong when he was young and was educated in Hong Kong. He migrated to the United States in the 90th and created SDA Global Corporation. Up to this day, SDA Global Corporation can be found in the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Los Angels and St Diego of the United States and Cologne of German.

In the 90th when Mr Lam first arrived in the United States, he realised that the advanced American society was based on two facts, where were a stable and healthy life of the citizen’s of the United States, and a perfect system of the nation. The healthy life of the Americans based on their love to sports. The live pattern of the Americans inspired Mr Lam, he realised that sports is a universal and sustainable industry. As the society becomes more and more advanced and civilized, sports will be more and more popular. Mr Lam met the member of the world famous water sports brand-BODY GLOVE in accidental chance, after several times of negotiations, he finally bought out the business that BODY GLOVE has developed in the United States and Europe for 50 years. At that time, BODY GLOVE was mainly producing and selling various equipments for water sports.

Later on, Mr Lam witnessed an accident happened on the water in the water activity that was held by the company, which provided him deeper understandings of the importance of equipment safety in water sports. In that day, there was a speedboat on the sea, which was unfortunately knocked over by another speedboat. Among the six people who were on the boat, two of them who wore the life jacket were soon being rescued. However, the other four who did not wear life jacket were almost drowned. After these four people were rescued, Mr Lam asked them why they did not put on the life jacket. They all gave him the same answer, that because the ugly appearance and discomfort of the life jacket, they rather not wearing it. This accident raised an alarm for Mr Lam that if the life jacket was not good enough to attract people to wear it, it could not fulfil its destiny of saving people’s life. Right after the accident, Mr Lam started to develop a new life jacket, which combines the function of the life jacket and the fashion, in order to make a new type of life jacket which assemble the features of fashion design, comfort, move freely and be able to safe life. The concept has been accepted and approved by the Lifesaving Association of the United States and the US Coast Guard. In the mean time, Mr Lam has successfully applied for several patents. Mr Lam has developed and produced over eighty million life jackets in 15 years, and became the biggest life jacket manufacturer in the world. Think about it, other than the business profits, these eighty million life jackets have saved thousands of lives, and prevented people from losing their lives in water accident.

Sichuan province of mainland China had a violent earthquake in 2008. Mr Lam immediately donated 200,000 life jackets to the relief workers. And ordered his factory to produce 50,000 tents to provide the homeless people in the disaster a place to live and rest. Other than the life jacket and tent, Mr Lam also encouraged his employees to make donation to the people who lost their home in this disaster. He promised his employees that every penny they donate, Mr Lam would donate the same amount from his personal account. It is not hard to see that Mr Lam has been a man who loves his home country and loves to do public welfare. In fact, since Mr Lam migrated to the United States, he has always been financially supporting the children in the poor countries. When Mr Lam was building a factory in Heyuan City of Guangdong, China, he noticed that the village beside his factory did not have a primary school for the children to get education from. Many of the children there must walk for 45 minutes to get to the nearest primary school, which was too far and dangerous. Mr Lam then donated money to build a Hope Primary School beside his factory. Now over 300 children were studying in the Hope Primary School, which was very convenient for the children in the village.