“I hope more socially meaningful things could be achieved under the ACETCA. We need to aim high together, think hard together, work hard together and grow better together.”

As a justice of peace, WU Feipeng, born in 1965, is a Sydney resident originally from Guangdong, China. He is the creator of Owada Group and currently holding the position of board chairman and general advisor in the group. Owada Group was established in 1997 in China and in 2001 its branches were set up in Sydney.

Owada Group is a comprehensive giant company with diversified business coverage of fields as power supply, forestry, fertilizer manufacturing, medical equipment services, fine chemical R&D, management services and real estate development. Its branches have been found across the nation and also in major cities overseas. Since the very beginning, the philosophy of “people first” which could be broken down as focusing on talent management and innovation power growth, and building the culture where hardworking and dedication can be encouraged,  has been adopted to the group’s overall management.

After years’ development under the leadership of Mr. WU Feipeng, the group and all the subsidiaries have stood up in Guangdong. They have been well and widely known as law-biding businesses with power and strength. They have received awards not only for contributing scores of millions of Chinese Yuan as tax payment to the governments, but for their good credit.

As soon as Mr. WU Feipeng became a successful business man, he was already a generous giver and sharer, in particular to people in his hometown. He has always devoted himself to charity, education-related in particular. He set up the “Dianbai Fund” to promote local policing force, and the “WU Feipeng Scholarship” in Guangdong Institute of Petrochemical Technology to help students in financial needs.

    In the past years, Mr. Wu has donated scores of millions of Yuan to the governments, charity organizations and other functions, which have been used for infrastructure building, school construction, and helping people in needs. He, with all the good will and remarkable results, was elected or invited to take positions as the member of the Municipal People’s Congress of Maomin City, the Deputy Chairman of the Guangdong Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association and so forth.

Since moving to Australia in 1999, Mr. WU has also been actively engaged in social activities which promote good values and worked as Honorary chairman of quite of number of outstanding associations , such as Australian National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification,  Australian Association of Chinese Organizations,  Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association,  Australian Chinese Charity Foundation,  Australia Maomin Association,  Australia Chaozhou Association, and the Australian Hokien Huay Kuan. He not only donated money generously, but spared lot of time from the tight schedule and passionate engaged himself in the work teaming up Australia-residing Chinese for the cause of national unification. He was a keen donor for and participant in the charity project of “Overseas Heart Bright Miles”. With the Australian  and overseas eye specialists and medical staff who volunteered to bring free  eye surgery service to the cataract patients in the poverty-stricken    parts of China, Mr. Wu travelled around giving his full supports financially and physically.  The project also helped promote the local medical staff training and education and the cultural communications between people from different countries, and received praises and supports from both governments.

Mr. Wu is also an ambassador for the two peoples. He facilitated the establishment of sister city relationship between Maomin, his hometown and the Australian city, Willoughby.  To further the cultural ties between the two countries, he successfully funded the WANG Shanhong show where one of the most famous Chinese singers surprised a packed Opera House with her angel-like voice. Also to introduce traditional Chinese medicine to more Australian people and promote the combination of both medical practices in fighting diseases, Mr. Wu spared no efforts and exhausted all avenues in  securing public attentions and governmental supports in this issue.