“We need to keep an eye on its growth. Through ACETCA, we can pass the Chinese values to the next generation and strengthen their bonds with the home town and home country.”

Mr. XUE Yeguang (DoB: February, 1951), a China-born resident in Sydney, is originally from the Chinese town, Fuqing, Fujian. On the news of China’s opening-up, Mr. Xue returned to China and started the trade business there. From 1988, the company turned into a food and beverage supplier and the brand name of Longwang was created. And then he included real estate development into the company’s business scope and built it into a real estate heavyweight.

The big business success pushed and enabled Mr. Xue to actively involve himself in charity works and give back more to the communities. He donated to the charity projects of “Ordos Heart Bright Miles” and “Xingjiang Heart Bright Miles” initiated by Australian National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification.  Also he made generous donations to the Beijing Olympic construction projects, the disaster relief fund for Fuzhou people, and to the education funding projects in Fuqing, his home town. His compassionate heart and charitable deeds have earned him a lot of awards and made him a lot of good friends from different cultures. And he was asked to take the position of Deputy Chairman of Fujian Yurong Entrepreneurs Association.

In 1997, Huicheng International Group was established from the Australia Huicheng International Development Co. Ltd. by Mr. Xue. Through the over-a-decade’s journey, it, with the sound culture, strong financial situation, an efficient working team and established brand names inherited from the former company, has grown into an inclusive international group holding many subsidiaries of various kinds in provinces as Fujian, Shandong, Anhui and Shangxi ,with wide business coverage of property development and management, international trade and hygiene chemical manufacturing.

As far as its main business is concerned, Huicheng Group, with a heart of building the dream home for the people, has managed to develop residential properties totalling millions of square meters of construction area in the past years. The various construction projects going on concurrently on many sites of quite a number of cities by the company require huge and steady financial supplies. But this has never been a problem for them. Rather, the practice has considerably strengthened the company’s will and power, and built on their brand names as a consequence. At the same time,  Huicheng group, with the utmost emphasis on credit and creativity,  has spare no efforts in R&D of new and greener building materials, of products more accommodated to people’s life styles and meeting their needs or even dreams. And all these have well established them as a persistent innovator in the business.

From 2009, Huicheng, after optimizing the company’s management and an overall resources reorganization, has been able to step up its investment in the business by sending out several professional assessment teams to do field researches and also buying in lands planned for a total construction size of over a million square meters. This is a new start for a business of remarkable growth and sustainability.  By aiming higher and fighting for better, Huicheng is bounded for a bigger success.