“Something special about our association is that it’s platform where we all are pulled together. Let us team up and grow it.”
 Mr. WANG Fuguan, born in September, 1954 in Fuqing, China, is currently CEO and Board Chairman for Guangdong Auhua Meibo Group. He is a standing member for CPC Baiyun, Guangzhou Committee. Also he is holding important positions in a number of social organizations including Deputy Chairman of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Chairman of Guangzhou Professional Wholesale Market Chamber of Commerce, Standing Member of Chinese Beauty and Cosmetic Association, Honorary Chairman of Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China.


From 1986 to 1992,  General Manager of Xingming (Guangzhou)Auto Parts Company

From 1993 to 1997, General Manager of Wujing Jinghong(Guangdong)Auto Parts Company

From 1998 to Present, Board Director of Wanyao (Guangdong) Economic Development Co. Ltd.

From May 1998 to Present,  Board Director of Anhua (Guangdong) Economic Development Co. Ltd.

From March 2002 to Present, Board Director of Anhua Meibo (Guangdong) Economic Development Co. Ltd.

From March 2008 to Present, COE & Board Director of Guangdong Anhua Meibo Group

Guangdong Anhua Meibo Group was built in 2008 from Anhua (Guangdong) Economic Development Co. Ltd which stood from 1998. After the over-a-decade endeavour, the group is now a comprehensive investment giant covering fields as commercial and residential real estate development and international resources trade. The number of its subsidiaries has also increased impressively over the years.

The group has funded the constructions of Anhua Decorating Supply Centre,  Anhua Lighting World, Guangzhou Meibo Centre, Meibo Garment Mall and other famous professional wholesale centres in Guangzhou. Among those, Beauty & Cosmetic Exhibition Centre, also crowned as the Asian Beauty & Cosmetic Centre, is the most large-scaled and sophisticated one among all the like in Asia. In addition, some major residential and commercial real estate projects such as Beijing Meibo Centre, Huizhou Meibo Centre, Chongqing Zhongbo New Centre, Zhongbo World Tower, Zhongbo Xiangshan Harbour have been developed by the group with big success. The group has also expanded its kingdom globally by setting up branches in Australia and other countries through the years.

The company is currently seeing projects with millions of square meters of area size underway. At the same time, scores of planning projects are still under research and inspection. With all these going on, we can be assured that Anhua Meibo Group is growing on a steady but consistent pace powered by our vision and determination.