“Be compassionate. Be a happy giver. Do whatever in power to build it into a platform for charity.”
Mr. XUE Shuihe, originally from Fuqing, China, is a famous Australia-residing Chinese. With a master degree in Business, he is now the Board Director of Chengdu Huirong Group. And his steps along the remarkable business journey are marked as follows:
Born on July 22, 1961 in a poor family in Fuzhou, Fujian, Mr. XUE started working as young as 17 years old.He entered into the trade business in 1980 and set up a building material company in 1982 in Fuzhou, Jiangxi. Till 1987, the company had four plants, employing more than 350 people.Mr. XUE, with of investment of USD 1.2 million, started Fujian Hongjie  Company and threw himself into the fabric manufacturing business.Fujian Longwang Food Company was set up in 1993.  With self-owned technology and recipe, the ice-cream products wearing Longwang brand have received nation-wide fame and various awards from the top level government.In 1995, Mr. XUE moved the business to a promising western city, Chengdu. After a-decade’s efforts, Longwang had been a household brand across the whole province.

Australia Longwang Group was registered in Sydney by Mr. XUE in 1998 with a start-up funding of AUD 50 million. Real estate development and international trade have been the main business for the company.

Real estate development projects were officially on the business schedule for Mr. XUE. With the eye-catching products as Kaiyue Dijing Park, Haihe Dijing Park, Xichang Longwang Mall, Huirong Sydney Harbour Park, Huirong Darling Harbour Park and Huirong Xingui Mansion, the company had finished the construction of an area size of over two million square meters.

To build on the real estate brand name of Huirong for the company, a specialized property management company was formed to deliver professional service to all the properties developed by the company in 2006.

Mr. XUE established Chengdu Huirong Group in 2007 by sorting out all the resources at hand and clarified the long-term strategy of building an inclusive, diversified and transnational corporation based in Chengdu, China.

Chengdu Huirong Hotel Management Service Co. Ltd was declared open in 2008, which add a brand new dimension to the group.

With a vision and imagination, Mr. XUE edged into commercial real estate market with the start of Huirong International project in 2009.

Under the leadership by Mr. XUE, the planning of a comprehensive commercial project of Huirong Plaza was underway in 2011. The mega project was widely acknowledged and known as a landmark in Northern Chengdu.

At the same time, Mr. XUE Shuihe has been holding quite of number of important positions with governmental or other prominent organizations in both Australia and China:

•Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association Honorary Chairman
•Australian Fujian Chamber of Commerce Honorary Chairman
•Australian National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification Honorary Chairman
•the Australian Hokien Huay Kuan Honorary Chairman
•China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association Standing member
•All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Member
•Sichuan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Deputy Chairman
•Sichuan Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Special Committee Member
•Sichuan Chamber of Commerce Executive Deputy Chairman
•Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan Honorary Chairman
•Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu Honorary Chairman
•Chengdu Real Estate Developers Association Deputy Chairman
•Sichuan Overseas Exchange Association Deputy Chairman
•Legal Rights Committee of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association Member