“We are patriotic businessmen with Chinese originality. We have witnesses both the changes taking on in China and Australia. We hope, on the platform created by the ACETCA, more projects with wider domestic and international recognitions could be achieved.  ”
Shanghai Shenglong Investment Co. Ltd. (referred as Shenglong hereafter) was established by Mr. LIN Yi, a well-known Chinese entrepreneur, in 1999. Its head office is located at Pudong, Shanghai.  Through the more than a decade’s development, Shenglong’s presence has not only covered over twenty major Chinese cities, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Kunming, Taiyuan, Quanzhou, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Luoyang, Xinxiang and so forth, but cities overseas. At the same time, it has grown from a limited-scale real estate company to an inclusive modern business kingdom with a nationwide fame and a extensive business coverage across fields such as real estate development, business management service, luxury hotel management, banking and investment service.
 Rising as a “city face-lifter” with the modern spirit, Shenglong has committed itself to building better cities by consistently updating its products and service in both quality and diversity. In this vein, Shenglong has impressed us with its capacity and creativity, also with the commitment to the country’s  endeavour of promoting urbanization and the harmony between people and the environments

When major projects, such as Shenglong (Fuzhou) Finance Centre, Zhengzhou Manhattan Plaza, Luoyang Shenglong Business Harbour, Yujiabao Finance Park (Binghai, Tianjin), were reshaping the cities’ skylines, Shenglong has showcased its growth and strength, and also manifest the ambition and wisdom as a “city face-lifter”.  The strong social commitment is what has driven the company onto such a path where a more beautiful, habitable and sophisticated city could be built before our eyes.

The senior management team of Shenglong is a group of people with energy and dynamics, with expertise and experiences, with good insights into the fields and with good control of the wheel.  More importantly, they honour the faith, keep the head down, make every step steady and work efficiently with each other. Under the leadership of the first class type, the over 3000 Shenglong employees who stand out in various fields have focus their constant efforts on contributing to the company’s growth. They always aim for “better and stronger”. They keep taking in new things while working out new ways. They never compromise faith, and never forget about their responsibilities for the country and the company. They fulfil their roles by creating valuables and also furthering their own values.