Mr. LAM Fai Yuen, born on January 3, 1939, in Pingtan, Fujian, is an Australian of Chinese origin. He moved to Hong Kong in 1971, and soon to Japan. Between 1972 and 1976, Mr. Lam was the Manager of TOKO Electronic MFG CO. LTD., taking care of the overall management of the company. His leadership brought the whole company onto the right track and expanded the business considerably.In 1976, Mr. Lam returned to Hong Kong and started his own international trade company under the name of TOKO. With the growth of the business, he set up, in 1980, TOKO Trade Firm focusing on the lighter business which proved to be very profitable with the products he ordered directly from Japan.TOKO Firm added into its business another major product in 1991, luxury pens. And Mr. Lam, as an innovator himself, helped updated the lighter models, which turned out to be a big success and gained him the nickname, Asian King of lighter productions. And his success not only received attentions in Asia, even top brand as ZIPPO from America sought to do business with his company then.The open-up move by the Chinese government and the subsequent booming of manufacturing business there caught Mr. Lam’s eyes. And he, with the vision and imagination, decided to step into real estate business as early as 1980, when Hong Kong World-Wide Manor Co. Ltd was established to invest in properties in Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

With the smooth journey in Asia, Mr. Lam established Australia World-Wide Development Limited in Sydney, in 1994.  To cover both the businesses, he had to fly frequently between the two cities, Hong Kong and Sydney.  But this didn’t prevent him from rising as a prominent and respectful figure in the overseas Chinese communities where he had devoted so much.

At the prime of his career life, in 1997, Mr. Lam chose an early retirement and shifted focus to charity work instead. To him, there was nothing more important and reasonable than to give back to the community after you got so much from them. And the follows are a brief and non-exhaustive list of his charity works for the past years:

In 1992, Mr. Lam donated to the function of anniversary celebration of his hometown, Pingtan.

In 1994, Mr. Lam helped fund a junior high school in Pingtan.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Mr. Lam made the donation of Swiss made WOWI Olympic special edition watches as gifts to Chinese medallists and other award-winning Chinese athletes.

In 2001, Mr. Lam was invited to the 13th International Science and Peace Week celebration in the Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.

Mr. Lam was the patron of the charity projects of “Tibet Heart Bright Miles” in 2003, “Sichuan Heart Bright Miles” in 2004, “Yunnan Heart Bright Miles”  in 2005, “Xinjiang Heart Bright Miles” in 2006, “Mongolia Heart Bright Miles” in 2007 and “Guizhou Heart Bright Miles” in 2008, initiated by Australian National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification, which brought free surgery and medical services to thousands of cataract patience in the mountainous or poverty-stricken areas in the provinces .

In 2004, along with other remarkable overseas Chinese, Mr. Lam was invited to Xiaoping’s Birthday Centennial Functions held in Guang’an, Xiaoping’s hometown and made generous donations.

Mr. Lam took initiative and leaded the fund-raising efforts among overseas Chinese for the grand 2008 Beijing Olympic project of “Water Cube”.

In 2007, Mr. Lam set himself a great example by making bountiful donations to the mega project of his hometown, the Pingtan Strait Bridge.

With the disasters of snowstorm and Sichuan earthquake striking China in 2008, Mr. Lam gave handsomely and repeatedly to the relief funds with a compassionate heart.

Mr. Lam was among the hundreds of high-rank officials from various cities and provinces invited to the Lin Guangwei Centennial Functions and was with the honour to preside the ceremony of unveiling the Memorial Statue.

In 2009, Mr. Lam donated to support the well-known reconstruction project of Weihui Bigang Temple.

In 2010, as the Honorary Chairman, Mr. Lam attended the 10th Anniversary Function of Australian National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification.

In 2011, Mr. Lam leaded the establishment of Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association.