• Chairman of Healthpac International Medical Corporation
  • President of Australian Chinese Medical Association
  • President of Australian Medical Exchange Association
  • Executive Vice-president of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China
  • President of Australian Song Qing Ling Foundation

Foreign representative of People’s Republic of China Political Consultative Conference 2007
Dr Ven Tan came from Malaysian to Sydney for studying in 1974. After graduating from the University of New South Wales, Dr Ven Tan went on to become a G.P in Sydney and received “Australian Doctor”G.P. Award in 1994
Dr Ven Tan has a great interest in ethnic diseases. He has notice the language barrier encountered by the chines immigrants when consulting doctors.  Therefore he founded  the first Healthpac Medical Centre in Hurstville in 1995, providing multi-lingual medical services to take special care of the lingustically disadvantaged group. Now  grown to 4 medical across Sydney, Healthpac is considered as Sydney’s most successful medical centres ,and continue to lead the way with consistently high quality service and integrative approach to health care.
As  a renowned Western Doctor, Dr Tan has always kept an open mind. Through his own practice he has come to reliazed the limtation of conventional Western medicine and to worship the merit of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For many year Dr Tan has dedicated his hard work to promote the best form of medicine at healthpac medical centres, integrating conventional Western clinical practices with complementary Traditional Chinese Medicine methodologies. He has brought together Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and the associations to improve and to lobby for the legistration and registration of Traditional Chinese Medicine industry.

 In 2010 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Chinese and Australian Governements aimed at promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia through collaboratived initiative. Under this direction, Dr Tan was appointed to be the leader of Healthpac Centre of excellence for integrative medicine, a International platform to globalize Traditional Chinese Medicine. Healthpac Centre of excellence will be the first Cnetre in Australia to  provide comprehensive Integrative medical services.
With special interests in serving the community and medical missions, he has  founded the  Australian Medical Exchange Association together with Dr Tie Shen in 1991, which acted as a  bridge between the Government medical regulatory bodies and the chinese community.
Born overseas, Dr Tan has never lost love for his Motherland, China. As the executive Vice-President of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, he has continuous contributed to the peaceful reunification of China. For the last 10 years he has initiated many charitable medical missions to rural area across China including Tibet, Xinjiang, inner-Mongolia and Yunan Province, to resore sight to cataract patients. Even where there are eye care professionals and eye units, poor patients cannot afford the high prices of surgery. Dr Tan has raised his concerns to the Chinese Health Bureaus and proposed to develop sustainable models of affordable and high quality health care services for the community. Under Dr Tan’s direction, Healthpac has taken its advantage of multicultural and multi-lingual background to provide training to many Chinese medical delegation groups for better coordination and exchange of medical knowledge.
As a devout Buddhist, Dr Tan believes good health and peace of mind are the most important things in life.

Memorandum of understanding signed by Daning Li, Minister of the State Ministry of Traditional Chinese  and Jodi McKay, Minister for Science and Medical research.

(Back from left��Professor Alan Bensoussan��Ms Kerry Doyle��Dr Ven Tan, Consul General Shan Hu ��Mr Yu Li��Consul Fuxiang He��Professor Kelvin Chan

Health Minister Lan Chen visited Healthpac Medical Centre
Dr Ven Tan on Cataract Mission in China