Dr. Robert Feng is a Chinese Australian, native of Pingtan, Fujian and born in Nanping, Fujian. He completed a physics bachelor’s degree at Fuzhou University in 1982, an electronic physics master’s degree at Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1987 and taught at Fuzhou University for years. At the end of 1989, he came to Australia to study for a doctorate in material science at the University of New South Wales. Upon completion Dr. Feng was awarded Honorary Fellowship by the University and engaged in the study of the mechanism of broadband semiconductor materials. He published numerous professional papers in international academic journals. Also, he completed the graduate certificate of Australian Migration Law and currently is a registered migration agent and Justice of the Pearce.

In the late 1990s, Dr. Feng, inspired by the soaring of the Chinese economics and the increasing bilateral technological, cultural and trade exchange activities of China and Australia, started his business career and incorporated Ausfeng Group Pty Ltd. The company is a conglomerate with core business areas of education, immigration, culture, trade and tourism. It is headquartered in Sydney and has branches in Beijing, Fuzhou and Taiyuan. “Enhance core competitiveness, improve integrated execution, and establish brand influence.” After 10 years of steady development, the group has contributed significantly to the promotion of Australia-China exchange and cooperation, and is widely recognised by the governments, industries and communities of the two countries. The group has now developed into a well-known conglomerate and built brand awareness and good reputation.

The company, since its establishment in 1998, has adhered to the business philosophy of “honesty, responsibility and pursuit of success” and achieved sustained and rapid development. Ausfeng Education and Immigration Centre is well-reputed in the industry. It has provided quality and thorough visa and immigration services to Chinese students studying, working and living in Australia, while helping successful Chinese private entrepreneurs to expand business in or immigrate to Australia. Ausfeng Event has brought dozens of large-scale Chinese cultural and article projects to the Australian mainstream society. Major projects include: performance by the Song and Dance Ensemble of the PLA at Sydney Opera House (2004), My Dream by China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (2005), dance drama Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall’s Australian tour during the Sydney APEC (2007), the Yunnan Cultural Week and Colourful Yunnan performance at Sydney Opera House (2008), Chinese Folk Orchestra Concert by China Broadcasting Orchestra at Sydney Opera House (2010), acrobatic show Mulan’s Australian tour (2010 & 11), and the opening ceremony show of the Year of Chinese Culture in Australia, the Legend of Shangri La (2011).

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“Public-spirited and home-loving.” Dr. Feng actively participates in Australian Chinese societies, and devotes himself to the public welfare and development of his homeland. The main social positions he currently holds include: President of the Oz-sino Association for Advancement of Culture, Science and Technology, Deputy Chairman of the Australia China Economics, Trade and Culture Association, President of the Australian Alumni of Fuzhou University, Honorary President of the Australian Pingtan Association. Dr. Feng has been invited many times by the Chinese Government to visit China, participate in large-scale celebrations and conferences, and be the executive director of various government overseas Chinese associations. As a native of Fujian, Dr. Feng pays great attention to the development of his homeland and the international communication between Fujian and Australia. He planned and successfully facilitated the establishment of friendship city relationship between Wuyishan of Fujian and Blue Mountains of New South Wales. He took part in planning and operating the publication of Fujian Overseas Chinese Newspaper landing in Australia. He innovatively planned the Expo of Chinese Tea 2011, which was held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre and was the largest tea exhibition Chinese companies had ever held overseas.

Make fortune into love, let fortune pass warmth. Dr. Feng is committed to charity and has donated to Australian disabled children and disasters in China. In particular, he helped Sydney Fujian associations to raise hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars for the 2010 Fujian flood disaster.